Buying a year supply of contact lenses

Buying a year supply of contact lenses is the best for everyone. Not only are you able to get a pretty travel contact case (some even with a mirror), but we are also able to have those shipped either to work or your house directly free of charge with a purchase of a year supply. Purchasing a year supply when you leave your exam prevents you from having to make multiple trips to our office to order or pick up your contacts throughout the year. But, that is not the best part. What is most fun is when we can rip out an insert for a rebate from the manufacturers that help make that year supply a lot more affordable! What is more amazing is that the rebates apply even when using a vision plan to bill a portion of the contacts to.

All around, a year supply is the best way to go to make sure that you are not running low until your next appointment and to ensure the most benefit you can get from us, your insurance, and the makers of your lenses. Plus, who wouldn’t want see the UPS man dropping off a package for you?