Donate Your Old Glasses

Do you have an old pair of glasses lying around your house that you don’t use anymore?  Did you know these can help provide sight to someone in need? At each Smart Eye Care location we have collection boxes for the Lions Club who will help distribute glasses to those in need.

How it works:

  • Bring in your old glasses
  • Place them in the Lions Club box
  • Lions Club will catalog glasses
  • Glasses are distributed to those in need

Are you wondering what type of glasses can be donated?  The answer is any!  The Lions Club will accept plastic and metal frames, sunglasses, reading glasses, and most needed- children’s glasses. Although all prescriptions are helpful, those which are farsighted (plus prescriptions) or very nearsighted (lots of minus) are the first to usually be handed out.

By donating a pair of glasses that you no longer use you can provide an opportunity for an elderly person to stay independent, or help a young child learn to read.  Vision is so important to every day life.  Please consider donating the glasses sitting in the bottom of the drawer that you no longer wear. Lions Club also takes donation of hearing aids and old cell phones.