Dry Eye Disease is a growing condition that affects more than 3 million people in the United States. Common symptoms of Dry Eye Disease include redness, burning, watering, and fluctuating vision. There are different types of dry eye and it is important to identify the type a patient has so the appropriate treatment plan is initiated.

Our practice has invested in the latest technology to accurately diagnosis the different types of dry eye in order to prescribe a treatment plan to eliminate the underlying cause of Dry Eye Disease. Our Doctors may recommend a combination of therapies that include prescription medications, special heated eye masks, nutritional supplements, a lid hygiene regimen, scleral lenses, amniotic lenses, or our new Lipiflow system. We also co-manage with other eye care professionals and are happy to treat your dry eyes, even if you are not a current Smart Eye Care patient. Don't suffer any longer! Call one of our clinics today to schedule a dry eye consultation.